The first woman-led revo­lu­tion, what we can do to help them 

“Women-Life-Free­dom”. the world is going to be in huge alter by this slo­gan. Ira­nian women are making his­to­ry. Words do no jus­tice and the rea­sons why Ira­nian women are heroes are end­less. It’s a fight for free­dom, young people, most­ly 15 to 22 years old, who are figh­ting the Isla­mic regime of Iran. Accor­din­gly, the regime is threa­ting, pri­so­ning, raping and killing them. The move­ment that star­ted with Mah­sa Ami­ni’s death is now an inter­na­tio­nal move­ment to down the bru­tal power­ful regime in Iran. We must remem­ber that after the vic­to­ry, which will be soo­ner or later with no doubt. This women-led revo­lu­tion is sup­por­ted by men all the way and the win­ner are not just women, the win­ner is life for Ira­nians, men and women.  

It’s not easy to face cri­ti­cism on a glo­bal scale. But, in fact, whe­ne­ver and whe­re­ver human beings suf­fe­ring and humi­lia­tion, we must take sides. Neu­tra­li­ty helps the oppres­sor, never the vic­tim. Silence encou­rages the tor­men­tor, never the tor­men­ted. Some­times we must inter­fere when human digni­ty is in jeo­par­dy, natio­nal bor­ders become irre­le­vant whe­re­ver men and women are per­se­cu­ted because of their race, reli­gion or poli­ti­cal side, that place must become the cen­ter of the uni­verse. 

Undoub­ted­ly, when tal­king about ancient his­to­ry and culture, you have heard the name of the Per­sian Empire and the Char­ter of Human Rights of Cyrus the Great, which was pre­sen­ted in 500 BC. Per­sian’s his­to­ry and culture has been one of the pio­neers of its time for many years, and it has been influen­ced some­times by des­truc­tive changes in suc­ces­sive conflicts. Thus, along cen­tu­ries, it has been a home of elite scien­tists, mathe­ma­ti­cians and mys­tics such as Avi­cen­na, Khwa­riz­mi and Rumi, Hafez and other pro­minent figures.  

Per­sia has unique geo­gra­phi­cal and cli­ma­tic condi­tions, which have a lot of poten­tial for ener­gy sup­ply, par­ti­cu­lar­ly clean ener­gy, as well as unique cir­cum­stances for luring tou­rists and forei­gn invest­ments. Unfor­tu­na­te­ly, throu­ghout the years of the Isla­mic regime, these spe­cial condi­tions have been repea­ted­ly neglec­ted and mis­ma­na­ged. The results of this incom­pe­tence have occa­sio­nal­ly spread to various areas and natu­ral resources. For ins­tance, the loss of lakes, sal­ting of the rivers, lots of ani­mal extinc­tion, and rui­ning the natures. 

After much dif­fi­cul­ty and sacri­fice, Ira­nians in 1906 suc­cee­ded in brin­ging about a modern revo­lu­tion in the Middle East, and for the first time they were able to approve the nation’s consti­tu­tion through popu­lar vote. Iran even­tual­ly suc­cee­ded in making nume­rous inter­nal adjust­ments and advan­ce­ments. They conti­nued to build bene­fi­cial and fruit­ful forei­gn rela­tion­ships at that time, which were cru­cial for the safe­ty and deve­lop­ment of Middle East. Yet fol­lo­wing the Isla­mic revo­lu­tion in 1979, things became dif­ferent for many groups, inclu­ding women, who had been sub­jec­ted to harsh dis­cri­mi­na­tion and oppres­sion. Now the consent of their male guar­dian is requi­red for seve­ral fun­da­men­tal human rights, inclu­ding tra­ve­ling, divorce, and other vital free­doms. Gover­ning Isla­mic law requires them to fol­low ins­truc­tions regar­ding how to dress and act. In this revo­lu­tion Ira­nian women are at the lea­ding edge of this move­ment des­pite the dis­cri­mi­na­tion they have expe­rien­ced. Women are being raped and mur­de­red in pri­sons while bat­tling for their release while armed with nothing but their bare hands and confron­ting a ruth­less police force. 


Iran’s Isla­mic regime (Mullah’s regime) is an Isla­mic theo­cra­cy that includes some ele­ments of a pre­si­den­tial sys­tem, with the ulti­mate autho­ri­ty ves­ted in a “Supreme Lea­der” that must be Islam cler­gies that are cal­led Mul­lah1. Since 1979, with being ruled by the Mullah’s regime, seve­ral times people fought for free­dom, and the regime has killed all of them imme­dia­te­ly, the­re­fore, they never had hope to change their life. For ins­tance, in 2019 the regime killed 1500 Pro­tes­ter in 4 days. But this time is dif­ferent. Unlike pre­vious pro­test, this pro­test is las­ting five months, much lon­ger than pre­vious times. It means the regime didn’t suc­ceed to silent the pro­tes­ter. The main dif­fe­rence is tur­ning Cur­rent pro­test into a glo­bal issue. This time, there is much more hope for suc­cess because the inter­na­tio­nal com­mu­ni­ty is sup­por­ting the Pro­tes­ter. The glo­bal sup­port not only put pres­sure on the Mullah’s regime by the world­wide sanc­tions and boy­cotts, but also give incre­dible hope to pro­tes­ters. That is why the regime cut-off the inter­net in order to prevent the world to know about the situa­tion. The­re­fore, we should be the voice of the people in Iran. We are well plea­sed that French Jour­nal, Char­lie Heb­do, sup­por­ted Ira­nian pro­tes­ter by publi­shing a cari­ca­ture to humi­liate Mullah’s as is shown in the pic­ture. 

Some simple least and low-cost actions can be taken with incre­dible nega­tive impact on the dic­ta­tor­ship in Iran which we are beg­ging the inter­na­tio­nal com­mu­ni­ty to at least takes these actions: 

  • Resha­ring the infor­ma­tion about the situa­tion to be the voice of the Ira­nians since it is not pos­sible for them inside Iran due to inter­net cut-off. 
  • World­wide sanc­tion so that all coun­tries stop doing any com­mer­cial col­la­bo­ra­tion with the Isla­mic regime. No buying or sel­ling any­thing 
  • Depor­ting all dele­gates and ambas­sa­dors from our coun­tries 
  • shut­ting down the Isla­mic Repu­blic of Iran’s embas­sies 
  • Blo­cking all pro­per­ties that the regime and their depen­dents have out­side Iran in the Inter­na­tio­nal Banks, etc.  
  • Star­ting col­la­bo­ra­tions with the Anti-regime col­li­sion?  


Unfor­tu­na­te­ly, there was no serious action from the west. Even recent­ly, the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment was deba­ting put­ting IRGC on the ter­ro­rist list; but they didn’t put. In 2020, the IRGC shot down a Ukrai­nian pas­sen­ger flight, killing 176 inno­cent people. It’s ter­ro­rism, isn’t it? What else besides raping, exe­cu­ting, silen­cing, blin­ding, and threa­te­ning people has to hap­pen for the inter­na­tio­nal com­mu­ni­ty to unders­tand that the Isla­mic regime is a regime of ter­ror. The Ira­nian regime engages in ter­ro­rist acti­vi­ties and sup­ports ter­ro­rists in Middle Eas­tern coun­tries and sen­ding drones to kill Ukrai­nian people. 

This is not a revo­lu­tion against any reli­gion. The people of Iran want a free and demo­cra­tic Iran where Mus­lims, Chris­tians, Jews and any other reli­gious or non-reli­gious people can coexist toge­ther in a free coun­try. They want a coun­try where a woman’s life worth as valued as that of a man’s.  

Ira­nians are not just pro­tes­ting com­pul­so­ry hijab or the mora­li­ty police. They’re pro­tes­ting against gen­der apar­theid, for­ced confes­sions, no due pro­cess, unfair trials, extra­ju­di­cial killings, no free expres­sion, tor­ture, fun­ding of ter­ro­rism, and main­ly their figh­ting theo­cra­cy. 

The Isla­mic regime is afraid of any­bo­dy speaks out about the situa­tion. Conse­quent­ly, regime cut-off the inter­net and arrest cele­bri­ties, artist, ath­letes, sin­gers, etc. because they can speak out about the Mullah’s regime. They don’t allow any audience in sta­diums. The brave Per­sian sin­gers, Too­maj Sale­hi, Sher­vin Haji­pour, and many others have been arres­ted. Too­maj is a famous rap­per who has been the voice of the people of free­dom, jus­tice, and truth, and Sher­vin recent­ly won the Gram­my award for “Best Song for Social Change”.  

The regime is ensu­ring that street pro­tests stop. Either by killing them without judi­cial jus­tice, or by public exe­cu­tions, blin­ding them or any other tech­nique of tor­ture and deten­tion. The regime wants people to be sca­red and stay silent. The pic­ture shows three brave Ira­nian girls who have been blin­ded during the pro­tests by secu­ri­ty force. Des­pite kno­wing these bru­tal punish­ments for spea­king out against the regime, 90 percent of Ira­nians are bra­ve­ly against the regime publi­cly. This is how they are the bra­vest ever. 



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